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Extraordinary Indians

Last updated on: August 12, 2009 23:06 IST

Rediff salutes the Extraordinary Indians who are changing lives and making a difference.

They may not be rich, they may not be famous, but these are ordinary people whose deeds make them extraordinary. Let us celebrate their incredible lives.

. Extraordinary Indian: He travels the world in a wheelchair!
A postman who saves lives!
S Babu has been extending a healing hand to cancer victims and families who have lost their only earning member to cancer.

The woman who conquered an acid attack
Thirteen years after a barbaric acid attack on her face, Shirin Juwaley has pulled herself from the brink of trauma to help other victims like her.

How an Indian doctor beat the scourge of leprosy
Dr Vijaykumar Pannikar has battled leprosy worldwide for nearly 40 years and has won the 2009 International Gandhi Award for his work.

The mountaineer changing lives in a hill village
Malika Virdi, a well- known Indian mountaineer, left the city to live the life of local folks in a remote hill village and usher in change

The teacher who became an icon
Anand Kumar's Super 30 institute prepares poor kids for the Indian Institute of Technology entrance exam free of cost and has a 100% success rate.

The dancing star who has no legs
Kamlesh Patel has conquered physical disability to become a wonder dancer.

The school dropout with a PhD
After working as APJ Abdul Kalam's driver, V Kathiresan completed his education. Today he has written two books, and is a college lecturer.

The do-gooder auto driver
Sandeep Bacche gives free rides to the blind, donates money to an old age home and has raised funds for a sandwich vendor's surgery.

'We're possibly the world's most corrupt society'
Ravi Gulati left a corporate job and took to teaching children of drivers, barbers and maids, turning his home into a learning centre for the poor.

He gave up a 5-star job to feed the mentally ill
N Krishnan, has been feeding them thrice a day for the past 7 years.

The pilot who is a fighter
After an accident rendered MP Anil Kumar into a quadriplegic, the former fighter pilot has become an inspiration in the way he has picked up the threads of his life.

The doctor who charges only Rs 2
Not only is he a doctor and social worker, Dr R Koelhe has also taken the government to court for having failed in its duty to protect the Korku tribals of the region.

The manager who does funerals for abandoned bodies
For 24 years, S Sreedhar has been collecting unknown, unclaimed bodies and performing their last rites.

The man who looks after prisoner's kids
V Mani put his life's savings to start a home for the children of convicts.

'If we don't do something for society, who will'
After completing a degree from London University, Krishna Banerjee preferred social work to improve the situation of women.

Do you know extraordinary Indians?
Send us names and contact details of people who are changing lives through their work.