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Telangana: Resignation withdrawals upset students

By Mohammed Siddique
December 31, 2009 17:09 IST
The decision by 13 ministers from Telangana to withdraw their resignations has left the Joint Action Committee of Osmania University students fuming with frustration and anger.

In fact, the students have given a call to the people to stop the ministers from entering their villages.
The students' JAC, which has emerged as a leading force in fight for the Telangana state during last one month, has reacted strongly and said that by withdrawing the resignations, the ministers had betrayed the movement for Telangana state.
"The Congress leaders don't have any record of standing firm and sincerely for Telangana," said B Bhaskar, one of the JAC leaders.

It was regrettable that the ministers who had said that they will not withdraw their resignations till Telangana was formed, have withdrawn their resignations just to save their posts, the JAC said.
The JAC has decided to continue its protest till the central government takes concrete measures for the formation of Telangana. It has decided to go ahead with its proposed Hyderabad Chalo rally on January 3.

JAC leaders said they suspect the intentions of the central government in inviting the 8 political parties for talks, as it could be a dilatory tactics.
Mohammed Siddique in Hyderabad