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'A certain amount of growth in fundamentalism is expected'

September 16, 2009 14:06 IST
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Director General of Kerala Police Jacob Punnoose, who attended this week's three-day conference of directors general and inspectors general of police organised by the Intelligence Bureau in New Delhi, speaks to's Onkar Singh about the conference and fundamentalism in his state.

What is the point in holding such a meeting?

This is a bi-annual meeting organised by the Intelligence Bureau. After every speaker expresses his/her opinion, we arrive at a conclusion. Then it is left to the organisers to draw the final outcome of the meeting and present it to the government.

Has growing fundamentalism in Kerala become a cause of worry for the state police?

A certain amount of growth in fundamentalism is expected as Kerala is also a part of India.

How is the law and order situation in your state?

The situation is under control. It is our constant effort to keep issues, which might snowball into law and order problems, under check.

The people of Kerala have high expectations from the state police. Is it because of the high literacy rate in the state?

It has nothing to do with the literacy rate, but the manner in which we handle the law and order situation.

On September 14, we launched the official Web site of the Kerala police. We have one woman police officer in each police station, which are linked by various devices, including the Internet.

The time we take to respond to an emergency is short. This raises the expectations of the people and we try our best to live up to the challenges.

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