"I know Nana Patekar is indecent but...": Raj Thackeray on #MeToo
October 18, 2018  12:58
Calling actor Nana Patekar "indecent", Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray has said the #MeToo' movement is a serious matter, and should not be debated on social media.

Speaking at an event, the MNS chief said, "I know Nana Patekar; he is indecent. He does crazy things but I don't think he can do such a thing. Court will look into it. What is the media to do with it? #MeToo is a serious matter, the debate over it on Twitter isn't right."

Discussing the 'movement, which sparked off following allegations of misconduct levelled against Patekar, Thackeray claimed that the movement might have been fuelled in a bid to divert attention from skyrocketing petrol prices, dip in rupee value against dollar and unemployment in the country.

He further said that if any woman faces something unwarranted, she can approach the MNS for help. Thackeray also stated that women should raise their voice as and when they face oppression, and not after 10 years.

"It seems it is being done to divert attention from petrol price, rupee value, and unemployment. If anything like #MeToo happens, women can come to MNS. We will teach a lesson to accused. Women must raise the voice when they face oppression, not after 10 years," the MNS chief said.

-- ANI
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