No more free reign to China: Trump after announcing tariffs
March 24, 2018  09:06
After announcing a string of tough trade measures against China, United States President Donald Trump has said that Beijing would no longer have a 'free reign' like it had been having for many years, which resulted in a massive American trade deficit with it.

A day after he initiated a series of tough actions against 'unfair' Chinese trade practices, inviting retaliation by Beijing, Trump exuded confidence that the steps would end up with China fairly treating America.

"China is going to end up treating us fairly. For many years, they had free reign; they don't have free reign anymore. We're very friendly with China. We have great relationships with China. And, look, it's time. It's time," Trump told reporters yesterday at a White House news conference.

"Last year, we lost $500 billion on trade with China. We can't let that happen," he said.

The White House has also said that America's massive trade deficit with China is estimated to have resulted in about two million job losses in the US.

Trump imposed tariffs on about $60 billion worth of Chinese imports to punish the country for its 'unfair' seizure of American intellectual property, a move that could escalate the already tense trade relations between the world's two biggest economies.

In a retaliatory move, China unveiled plans yesterday to impose higher tariffs on $3 billion worth of American goods including pork and pipes in retaliation to US tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from Beijing.  -- PTI
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