Demonetisation, GST were massive damage to Indian economy, says Rahul Gandhi
March 24, 2018  12:38
Congress President Rahul Gandhi once again attacked the BJP over demonetisation, GST and the Nirav Modi scam.

Rahul Gandhi spoke at Maharani Arts College for Women in Mysuru, Karnataka.

"I think demonetisation was a mistake and shouldn't have been done. Demonetisation and GST were massive damage to the Indian economy and job creation. I have a problem with the way demonetisation was carried out," Rahul Gandhi said.

He also touched the topic of black money and the Nirav Modi scam saying, "Nirav Modi took Rs 22,000 crore of bank money. Can you imagine how many businesses could have been built by young women like you if we had given Rs 22,000 crore?"

"We are growing pretty decently as an economy but we are not creating jobs. It is because those who have skills don't have access to finance and support. The problem is, huge amount of money goes to 15-20 people only," Rahul Gandhi said on the job creation front at the Maharani's Arts College for Women in Mysuru.
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