Trump, Kim arrive for Korea-inspired lunch
June 12, 2018  10:08
It's 12:30 pm in Singapore and Trump and Kim arrive at lunch.

The White House has provided the menu for the lunch between the two leaders, which mainly consists of Korean food, with the only concession to Trump's presence -- Hagen-Dazs ice cream. Scroll down for the menu.

CBS News says while the two leaders have remained tightlipped on what happened at the meeting ahead of the lunch, Trump did share a lighter moment with the press with which he shares a fractous relationship.

Trump asked the press to take pictures so he looks "handsome". Trump suggested photographers get a picture so everyone looks "nice and handsome."

Image: In Singapore, where food is as the mainstay of tourism, ahead of the meet, Trump-Kim inspired food was popular. The Rocket Man Taco and the El Trumpo Taco is pictured at the restaurant, Lucha Loco. Pic: Reuters.
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