Trump explains this G7 viral image
June 12, 2018  15:47
A photograph of United States President Donald Trump and Germanys chancellor Angela Merkel displaying less-than-friendly body language has become the defining image of the G7 summit. The photo shows Merkel standing with her hands firmly planted on a table staring down at the US President. Trump looks back defiant, arms folded and eyes glaring.

This was Trump's take on the picture at the press conference at Sentosa.

The G7 was 'very friendly', Trump insisted and said he had very good meeting over the weekend. "I'll be honest we are being taken advantage of by virtually every one of those countries."

He admits that he "didn't look friendly' in a photograph of him looking at Angela Merkel at the summit. But he insists it was friendly. The leaders were waiting for the text of the communique at the time, he says. "Actually we were just talking, the whole group, about something, unrelated to anything.'I have a good relationship with Justin. I have a good relationship with Merkel, but Germany is paying 1% of the GDP towards Nato, he says.
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