Beef short rib, sweet and sour crispy pork: What's on the menu for Trump-Kim lunch
June 12, 2018  09:00
So The Guardian has got its hands on the menu for lunch between Trump and Kim Jong-un. 

Here's what they will be eating:


Traditional prawn cocktail served with avocado salad

Green mango kerabu with honey lime dressing & fresh octopus

Oiseon Korean stuffed cucumber

Main course

Beef short rib confit, served with potato dauphinois and steam broccolini, red wine sauce on the side

Combination of sweet & sour crispy pork and Yangzhou Fried Rice with homemade XO chili sauce

Daegu jorim Soy Braised cod fish with Radish, Asian Vegetables


Dark chocolate tartlet ganache

Haagendazs vanilla ice cream with cherry coulis

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