Why Nehru vs Patel
February 09, 2018  09:53
"Here is a counter-factual: If Rahul Gandhi had not been Congress president, would the prime minister have spoken recently in parliament of how Vallabhbhai Patel would have made a better prime minister than Jawaharlal Nehru? Narendra Modi first played the Nehru vs Patel trick during the campaign for the 2014 general elections. Why is he playing it again, four years later? Largely because it is a convenient handle to distract voters away from the failures of his own government. The "achhe din' he promised have manifestly not arrived for the youth and the farmers, while "bure din' have manifestly arrived for Muslims and other minorities (and arguably for Dalits too)."

As always, a gem from Ramchandra Guha. Do read
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