CIA chief had 'great meeting' with Kim: Trump
April 26, 2018  22:36
Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo, who went on a secret mission to North Korea early this month, had 'a great meeting' with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, US President Donald Trump said today.

"Mike Pompeo did go there (Pyongyang). He wasn't supposed to meet with Kim Jong Un but he did," he told Fox and Friends.

Trump called into the daily morning show and said he has incredible pictures of Pompeo and Kim meeting. He said he would love to release those pictures.

Those pictures have not been released yet.

"They had a great meeting... It was very, very secret -- very, very quiet," Trump said in response to a question. Trump has accepted an invitation to meet the North Korean leader. The date and venues of the meeting is being looked into.

"We have five locations, and that will all be narrowed down," he said.

"When I came into office people thought we were going into nuclear war, OK, and now they're saying wow."

Trump said the preparations for his meeting with Kim is going well.

"We are doing very well with North Korea and we'll see how it all comes out," the president said, as he indicated that he would leave the meeting if there was no deal.

"I'm not like Obama where you go in and you have a Kerry (former US Secretary of State) who's the worst negotiator I've ever seen. He goes in for the Iran deal. He never leaves. He should have left. He should have just left. He would have made a much better deal," the president said.

"So it could be that I walk out quickly -- with respect," Trump said of the meeting.

"But it could be that maybe the meeting doesn't even take place -- who knows? But I can tell you right now they (North Korea) want to meet," he said.

"Look, it was very, very nasty with little rocket man and the buttons... everybody said this guy's going to get us into nuclear war," he said.

"Let me tell you the nuclear war would have happened if you have weak people."

He continued: "We had weak people. This should have been settled long before I came into office."  -- PTI
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