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On the Web: Kashmiri anger spills over

Last updated on: August 6, 2010 10:41 IST

Photographs: Reuters

Protests in Kashmir have gone beyond the state's borders.

Even as the Valley remains curfew shut, Kashmiris are venting their angst and spreading the word through social networking websites and blogs.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are abuzz with Kashmiri sentiments. A page titled 'Kashmir' on Facebook has over 16,000 fans while another titled 'We protest killing in Kashmir' has over 5,000 supporters.

From media to central government to security forces the anguish reflects in the furious pace at which updates on the situation on ground zero appear on the World Wide Web. compiled some of these sentiments in the original form they were posted in.


'Mother Kashmir is proud of you'

On Twitter:

@lpolgreen: Kashmir was already a prison but India made sure to put every soul in solitary confinement, 2day is day 53.

AnupamPkher: The people who think that they will lose the hearts and minds of people in Kashmir should know they have lost them already

zubairmasoodi: @sagarikaghose Thanks, at least some one in India understands that kashmir is witnessing Jallianwala Bagh after every hour

Zahid_Wani: Oh Kashmir! our political, economic and ecological miseries r all gifts of india

sagarikaghose: Message from Kashmir: Reach out, reach out, government of India. Rush to the people, hear their cries, cradle the young, create hope!

ferozwales: Mother Kashmir is proud of you - Menraj u Din, Qamarwari, Anees ahmad, Narwara, Riyaz Ah, Khrew.

'We realise that Kashmir is not a part of India'

More Twitter

drszaman: @UN for how long you will be silent. may be a word or two from you stops a innocent's killing #Kashmir

fouadfarooq: I am proud to be a Kashmiri.Salute to all brothers of #kashmir #eidgah .Shame on the world if they dont listen cries of #kashmir 2day

rayan_naqash: Its 15 minutes past 12 am (August 2) & protests continue...

KashmirMedia: Boats of retreat burnt: Hurriyat(G) "We will rest only after taking the 'Quit J&K Movement' to its logical Conclusion"

Khan_Zubair: People here in Jammu are worried about Kashmir. They want to know the secret behind our sustenance. I told them it's our resolve.

Khan_Zubair: Thank God none got killed in today's #Bharat #Bandh (July 5)! As expected, bullets in #India are marked "Made for Kashmir".

fayazkashmeri1: Now we realise that Kashmir is not a part of India

'Azadi is the only permanent solution'

Bhat777: You can ban sms, you can ban internet and schools, but you can't ban our sentiments and emotions and our love for our nation KASHMIR.

nihang: When Govt says "Army not to be used against own people", does it mean people living in Kashmir, Punjab and North-East are non-Indian?

AnujChopra: Not surprised when Kashmiris in Indian Kashmir ask me "Are you from India?" Many make it abundantly clear that they are not.

aurfe: Geelani must respect the popular sentiment in Kashmir...We have no future with India or Pakistan...'Azadi is the only permanent solution.

aurfe: Strange despite loud and clear slogans u guys from national media are still debating what Kashmiris want!

SofiAhsan: "Excess of everything is bad" Quote stands true for Kashmiri leaders. We have enough but useless

'Chidambaram didn't lose his son to bullets'

Retributions: Idea of Kashmir is not special, just like Rajasthan or UP or TN or AP are not special. The idea of India is special. And worth preserving.

koshurmazloom: Again "Shoot at Sight" announced in Kashmir. Are we caged sheep that you are enforcing your orders on us in our own land.

fouadfarooq: Chidambaram didn't lose his son to bullets, his wife wasn't raped, his father wasn't custodially disappeared. He wont understand

TheKashmiris: First peace, then talks in Kashmir: PC. Mnths later: see tourists, Kashmir peaceful, don't need to talk. Indian hypocrisy

irshadz8: Remain vigilant of Anti Movement people. Indian Media is part of warfare on Kashmiris

Stranger97: If India brings whole of its army here,we still are not going to accept the "own people" theory... #Kashmir made hell by trainee politicians

'How else can they express their immeasurable frustration?'

Blog posts

Radhika Koul, an undergraduate student of YaleUniversity, posts on

" Left to be tacitly understood is that these poor Kashmiri demonstrators of 1931, 1990, 2008 and 2010 -- then as now, had and have all the right in the world to pelt stones at the security personnel, beat them and shoot them, not to mention riot, loot and kill people who just don't feel like doing the same. How else can they express (and show to the world) the immeasurable frustration they feel? Listen to any of the Kashmiri separatists, representatives of the current Opposition in Kashmir (party doesn't matter) or even any random stone-pelter talk and you will find yourself being asked to believe that even 5-6 year olds in Kashmir (who also pelt stones) have this frustration pounding in their veins. Never mind the phone tappings and video confessions of some of the same stone-pelters that explain, in nitty-gritty detail, just how these bloody protests come about."

Another Kashmiri, Mazameen-e-Ghai'b, writes on

"The illegitimacy of Indian rule remained at the heart of crisis after crisis that unfolded in Kashmir. To plug one hole in India claims many more holes opened. One day Sheikh Abdullah was the "tallest leader of Muslims" but the next he would become a "traitor." On one end, Nehru promised a principled referendum, yet on the other he indulged in petty election rigging. India had to install its own cronies to nominally rule over Kashmiris, to stave off embarrassing challenges to its rule. And, obviously, India needed to keep a massive military infrastructure in place in Kashmir if it hoped to suppress the inevitable revolts. It had to create a class of beneficiaries who developed a stake in the grey business of illegitimate rule. India has, therefore, continued to hop from one series of desperate measures to another to buffer its illegitimacy with deceit, threats, and outright force."