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'Telangana issue is a tsunami that will erupt'

July 30, 2010 15:19 IST

Supporters of the Telangana movement are celebrating the results of the by-polls held in Andhra Pradesh. The Telangana Rashtra Samiti has swept the by-polls and pro-Telangana activists claim that the election result is an open message to the Shri Krishna Commission.

The Commission has been formed by the Centre to look into the demand for the creation of a separate state.

TRS general secretary Subhash Reddy told, "I am elated. Although it was expected, this result has sent out a clear message to everyone. The Shri Krishna Commission doesn't need better proof of the people's sentiments about the issue. This result is an open letter to the commission which should act fast and give its recommendations to form Telangana state."

Reddy also claimed that any 'confusion' about the movement had been clarified by the success of the TRS. "The movement is stronger than ever today and politicians, especially those in the Congress and the Telegu Desam Party who played a double game, have got their answer," he added.

He also warned the Centre that in case of a delay by the Shri Krishna Commission, "No one can stop the public and all hell may break lose."

"We won't resort to any forceful protests. We have decided to wait for the report of the Shri Krishna Commission," he said.

Dr Prithviraj, the chief of the Students Joint Action Committee on Telangana, claimed that it was not the TRS but the cause of the pro-Telangana activists which had won.

"The people have thrown the Congress and the TDP out.  All of you may have thought that the movement had died down. It is very much in our hearts and we have not forgotten. It is a Tsunami under water which will erupt," he said.

According to Dr Prithviraj, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu was 'scared' to visit Telangana.

"Congress president Sonia Gandhi, party leader Jaganmohan Reddy and Chief Minister K Rosaiah could not come here. Has an election ever been fought like this, where important leaders have hidden from the public," he said.

Branding the jubilant TRS 'like any other political party', Dr Prithviraj said, "I don't have much to say about the TRS. They did nothing but cash in on the movement and converted the popular sentiment into votes. The people did not have an alternative party to vote for. The TRS cannot claim credit for their victory; they can only thank the sentiment of the people."

He pointed out that nearly 300 people had died for the cause of a separate state. "This is what is taking the movement forward and the TRS must not forget that," Dr Prithviraj said.

Vicky Nanjappa