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Qureshi spews more venom, this time on Indian Army

Source: ANI
July 22, 2010 13:18 IST
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Spewing venom against India once again, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has described the Indian Army's 'cold-start doctrine' as an 'irrational' strategy, and said that Islamabad would respond to it 'immediately' and proportionately' if New Delhi acts on that policy.

Speaking during a seminar in Islamabad, Qureshi said that the India Army is trying to dominate the region, which was evident from its policies.

Qureshi stressed that the nuclear imbalance between India and Pakistan was adversely affecting the regional growth and development, The News reported.

The foreign minister also said that he has made it clear to his Indian counterpart SM Krishna that Islamabad wants economic cooperation with New Delhi, and in order to succeed in that aspect, a resolution to issues like Kashmir, nuclear deterrence and balance in traditional armed forces were vital.

Qureshi said that India should look to do away with its 'cold-start doctrine' and cooperate with Pakistan for the well being of people of both the neighbouring nations.

India's 'cold-start doctrine' involves joint operations between all the three services and integrated battle groups for offensive operations. A key component is the preparation of India's forces to be able to quickly mobilise and take offensive actions without crossing the enemy's nuclear-use threshold.

Since the most significant aim of this new war doctrine is to strike offensively without giving away battle indicators of mobilization, it is imperative that all strike formations, headquarters, armoured divisions and armoured brigades are re-located from their existing locations in central India and Punjab to forward locations.

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Source: ANI