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Youth blacken Muthalik's face in Bengaluru

February 11, 2010 19:17 IST
Shri Ram Sena chief Pramod Muthalik faced a major embarassment when some youth alleged to be youth congress workers smeared his face with charcoal at a public function in Bengaluru on Thursday.

Muthalik was adressing a gathering at the Bangalore Kannada Bhavan when a gang of youth barged into the programme and shouted slogans. When they were asked to calm down, they went up on stage and blackened Muthaliks face with charcoal.

The police who stepped into the scene pacified the crowd but were unable to apprehend the miscreants on the spot. The police later apprehended 3 people in connection with the matter.

Muthalik said that this was the job of some persons from a political party who planned to tarnish him. He said he will that the perpetrators are brought to justice.
Vicky Nanjappa in Bengaluru