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'US, India can work together on NPT'

September 18, 2009 01:45 IST

India's disinclination to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty notwithstanding, the USsaid it is an issue that the two countries can work together on.

"Non-proliferation is an issue that the US and India can work together on," US Ambassador Timothy J Roemer said on Thursday, when asked about his views on India keeping away from NPT.

"Even non-proliferation issue, I believe, we can work on in going forward. India has a rich and committed tradition on issues like reducing number of nuclear weapons in the world... from (Mahatma) Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi," Roemer told reporters in Mumbai.

"A strong relationship does not mean that you are going to completely agree on every single issue. There will occasionally be some issues on which you will not see eye to eye," he said.

To a query on the 'frequent' advisories issued by the US to its citizens travelling to India in the backdrop of terror attacks, Roemer said "we work closely with Indian government when we release them.  One of my highest priorities is to ensure that our embassies, consulates are safe and that Americans are safe. When we receive information about threats, we work with the Indian government and respectfully, with dignity, release (travel advisories) so that it does not scare Americans or Indians," Roemer said.

"We don't want to develop a sense that we overdo them or don't do enough and then have something happen. So we work closely with the Indian government when we do release them,"he said. "I attended the Independence Day function at Red Fort where unprecedented security was made as terror attacks happen around these times. Al-Qaeda likes to associate attacks with anniversaries," he said.

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