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26/11 judge calls Kasab's lawyer a liar

Last updated on: November 26, 2009 16:29 IST

Special Judge M L Tahilyani on Thursday lost his temper with Abbas Kazmi, the lawyer of 26/11 attacks main accused Ajmal Kasab and called him a liar and asked him for an unconditional apology.

The special court is trying the Mumbai terror attacks case at the Arthur Road jail premises.

The court has so far heard 271 witnesses in the case and that part of the trial was supposed to be wound up on Thursday, exactly a year after the attacks.

Judge Tahilyani asked Kazmi if he has read the additional affidavits filed by another 232 witnesses and if he required to examine any of them.

Kazmi said that he was not sure if Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam has given him the affidavits. On this, the judge lost his cool and called Kazmi a liar and asked him for an unconditional apology. The affidavits had been given to Kazmi on November 17 and he had signed an acknowledgement that he had received them.

With this Judge Tahilyani adjourned proceedings for the day after indicating that Kasab's lawyer could be changed if he did not apologise.

When asked if he would tender an apology to break the deadlock, Kazmi told, "Do you think Abbas Kazmi will tender an apology? I had expected this," indicating that he was prepared if Kasab's lawyer is changed.

Sheela Bhatt in Mumbai