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'Why is police not probing Indian link in 26/11 attacks?'

By Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi
Last updated on: July 21, 2009 11:34 IST
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Ajmal Amir Kasab, accused in the November 26 Mumbai attack, 'pleaded guilty' on Monday in a special court in Mumbai. His lawyer Abbas Kazmi told, "The most important point of Kasab's statement, while pleading guilty, was that he was helped by an Indian national Abu Jundal in Karachi. He taught Hindi to them."

What Kasab confessed before the court

Kazmi asked, "When the world is screaming about the involvement of the Indian element behind the attack, why is police and prosecution repeating that it's a lie? Kasab has told the court that an Indian man came to give farewell to them when they were leaving Karachi for Mumbai. There were people who were claming that the link of Pakistanis was present in the Taj hotel. Why is the police not investigating it?"

"If you believe Kasab's statement, then you will have to believe what he says about the Indian who is involved in the attack, also. You should not pick and choose," he added.

"Kasab's statement is very important for the case because after confessing of crime and other details, how can he be acquitted? Life-term and death are the two most undesirable punishments. As per Indian law, it is obvious that he is likely to get one. He can't be acquitted now if the Judge finds his statement genuine," Kazmi also said.

Kazmi insists that he was unaware of Kasab's idea of pleading guilty. In fact, he came to the court on Monday after two holidays when the judge and Kasab were already present there.

Inside court-room and out, it's all about Kasab

He never got a chance to meet Kasab after news came of Pakistan accepting that his client is a Pakistani. Kasab told the court that he changed his mind only after knowing that his country has, now, accepted that he is a Pakistani. 

"I will wait for court's judgment on the Kasab's action today," Kazmi said.

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Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi