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Headley used women as cover in India

By Vicky Nanjappa
December 04, 2009 15:31 IST
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As investigators in the US and India dig out more details of David Coleman Headley connections to the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, one fact that has emerged is that several women helped him out during his India operations. Indian agencies have found that Headley, a US national arrested by the FBI in Chicago, was always in the company of women. Even while conducting the reccee for the Mumbai attacks there was a woman with him.

Sources tell that there were two women in particular who helped Headley. Investigators have already questioned the local woman and are on the lookout for a Moroccan, who was constantly in the company of Headley during his visits to India.

"We are trying to ascertain whether the Moroccan was one of the women who could have helped guide the Mumbai terrorists during the attacks. Our investigations show that this woman had visited Mumbai on two occasions and met Headley during his stay here," said an IB source.

Indian investigators say that Headley was not a womaniser but used women as a perfect cover for his operations. The IB says that this is contrary to the image Headley portrayed during his interrogation by the FBI. He came across as a devout Muslim, who was very uncomfortable with women. He even objected to his mother running a pub and never mingled with women.

But in India he used women as a cover. Even while operating out of the US, he had used a make up artist from New York and termed her as his girlfriend.

The IB says that this ploy worked very well for Headley since at no point of time was he suspected by any of the agencies or even the people with whom he met during his visits.

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Vicky Nanjappa