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Boney Kapoor

Boney Kapoor

Anil has always been a very sincere and honest person. And he’s still is a very dedicated actor.

He always dreamed of being an actor right from his childhood days.

He played a part for a Shashi Kapoor film; a role he earned on his own merit. I remember he refused to wash his face for two days after the shoot because he didn’t want the make up to come off.

In college, Anil and I were to play a father and son in a play but that eventually didn't work out.

I also recall the time when Anil auditioned for Raj Kpoor's Paramvirchakra. He was most excited and he took me along to Khadakvasla. He got himself a uniform stitched, got his hair cut and even did a photoshoot. Raj Kapoor was quite impressed…but nothing materialised in his favour.

You know my real name is Achal and Anil wanted to use my name for the auditions because he thought it was sounded better than his own.

Sanjay Kapoor

Sanjay Kapoor

Anil is one of the best actors he have had in recent times. I have not seen a more dedicated actor than Anil.

After Sirf Tum released and the reviews came in he called me to congratulate me and tell me that the film was doing well. He was overjoyed by that films success.

Both Anil and I want to work together, but we have yet find a script that will suit both of us. People keep telling me that I mimic him, which I don't. But, then again we are brothers and our mannerisms are bound to be similar to some extent.

Mona Kapoor

For Anil, the family is always first. Work is secondary. For the past month and a half Anil has been caring for sick father. He even takes him to the doctors.

He is the most genial person in our family. Very emotional by nature, a hypersensitive human being.

As an actor he is one of the best we have and on scale from one to ten, I would give him a nine.

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