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Pune bomb triggered off by a remote control

By Vicky Nanjappa
Last updated on: February 14, 2010 23:54 IST
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Fresh leads into the investigation into the Pune blast show that the bomb was triggered off by a remote control.

Investigating agencies told that initial reports would go on to suggest that the bomb may have been triggered off by a remote controlled device.

Earlier, investigating agencies had claimed that more than one person was present at the German Bakery to place the bag containing the bomb. These persons left the bag there and left the place.

However, a while later another person who had access to the remote control could have triggered off the bomb, sources also add. Police sources say that they would try and find out if the person who triggered the bomb was in the vicinity when the incident occurred. The CCTV footage would give a clearer picture on the same.

Another unique aspect noticed in this blast was that the bomb was triggered off without the use of an intergrated circuit. Such bombs without an intergrated circuit, which is used to trigger the bombs, have been used in the past in Jammu and Kashmir.

It appears that the Indian Mujahideen had deliberately avoided the use of intergrated circuits since the last few times when they tried using it, they backfired.

The bombs which were used in Bangalore and Surat contained integrated circuit chips to trigger them. However, both the attacks failed badly since the IC chips did not manage to create the impact as the power supply failed.

Experts pointed out that using of IC chips are very advanced in nature and if it works properly, the damage that is caused is immense. This technology was picked up from the Al Qaeda which first started the trend of using intergrated chips in a terrorist attack. However, the IM which decided to replicate this, did not achieve much success.

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