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Muslims defy fatwa, sing Vande Mataram

November 09, 2009 15:47 IST

Defying the fatwa issued by the Jamiat-Ulama-e-Hind against the rendition of Vande Mataram, a group of Muslims, led by a clergyman, joined people from other communities in singing the national song in front of a mosque in Betul.

A large number of people from a cross-section of the society collected in front of the Jama Masjid at Betul Bazar at the invitation of its Imam Hafiz Abdul Razique and recited the song on Sunday.

The event was organised by 'Rukmani Balaji Mandir', its founder Sam Verma, an NRI, said. After singing the national song at the temple, a rally acclaiming 'Bharat Mata' was taken out and when it was proceeding towards the Bazar Chowk, Razique requested them to sing 'Vande Mataram' in front of the mosque. Several members of the minority community joined in.

"It is not against Islam to sing Vande Mataram," Razique said and added that he himself requested those taking part in the rally to sing the national song in front of the mosque.

The Jamiat, one of the most influential bodies of Muslim clerics in the country, had recently issued an edict that recital of the national song went against the tenets of Islam that preaches monotheism.

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