Rs 8,500 in women's a/cs every month, promises Cong
May 16, 2024  12:20
Amid the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in the country, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Thursday said that the INDIA alliance government, if formed, will work for the empowerment of women.

"Our sisters across the country are ready to form the INDIA Alliance government with enthusiasm. From July, Rs 8500 deposited in women's accounts every month, i.e., Rs 1 lakh annually, will change the financial condition of every family," she said. 

 Adding further, she emphasised that a share of government jobs will strengthen women's power. 

"The Centre's contribution to the honorarium of the Asha, Anganwadi and Cook sisters will be doubled. An insurance scheme of Rs 25 lakh will take you out of the quagmire of medical expenses. The situation will change," she assured.

 Earlier on Wednesday, while campaigning for her brother and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka accused the BJP of being unable to combat high inflation. 

 "Women across the country are saying the same thing that inflation has made life difficult. It is difficult to run the household. Every household item has become out of reach. A cylinder that cost Rs. 400 is now available for Rs. 1200. Oil, pulses, flour, sugar, rice, vegetables--everything is extremely expensive," she said. 

 She added that it is becoming difficult to bear the expenses of children's education and medicine, adding to which he said, "Today, the public is demanding accountability and instead of answering, the Prime Minister is trying to divert attention by talking about irrelevant things, but the countrymen have understood everything. The same wooden pot does not boil again and again. This time, the public will vote on their issues and form a government that is dedicated to the common people and not just to the billionaires."
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