Stir irrelevant, move SC: Himanta to CAA agitators
February 29, 2024  21:45
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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday claimed that there was no relevance of any protest against Citizenship (Amendment) Act at this point and said that all those opposed to the law may approach the Supreme Court for revoking it. 

Addressing a press conference here, Sarma said Parliament, which had passed the law, is "not supreme" as the apex court is above it and can terminate any legislation enacted like what it did to the electoral bonds. 

"There is no relevance of protest against CAA as agitation cannot do anything regarding the fate of an Act passed by Parliament. That can only change in the Supreme Court like it abolished the electoral bonds introduced by the BJP," he added. 

Sarma stressed that the judiciary has the power to alter an Act and moreover, Parliament has also ended sine die and nobody can call a sitting of the two houses to undo the CAA in the next four months. 

"CAA is a reality and it is in the law book of India, it has been a part of the statute book of India for the last two years. Those who hate the CAA wholeheartedly will also have to approach the SC. Those who want to make a political career out of CAA can do agitation. There is a difference between the two," he added. -- PTI
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