Rahul: History won't forgive Modi for this crime...
February 27, 2024  16:31
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday attacked BJP over recent incidents of exam paper leaks and issues in recruitment alleging that the government has "eclipsed" the dreams of students and that history will never forgive Prime Minister Narendra Modi for it. 

 In a post in Hindi on X, Gandhi alleged that the Modi government has become the "enemy of the country's future". 

 "At some places students are yearning for recruitment, at some places students are frustrated due to paper leaks, at some places students are visiting courts for appointments and at some places students are facing lathicharge for raising their voice," the former Congress chief said. 

 The BJP government, which has failed to conduct even a single examination from RO-ARO to police recruitment and from railways to the army in a fair manner, is venting its anger on the youth, he claimed.

 "Selling job-creating institutions to their friends and hiring youth on contract is Modi's policy, and exploitation is Modi's guarantee," he alleged. 

 The Modi government has eclipsed the dreams of students and their families and has taken away the light of hope from them, Gandhi claimed. "History will never forgive Narendra Modi for this crime," Gandhi said.
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