Not a tornado, that's a swarm of this deadly bug...
February 12, 2024  10:18
A swarm of mosquitoes
A swarm of mosquitoes
A swarm of mosquitoes formed tornadoes in the skies of Keshavnagar and Kharadi Gavthan areas in Pune due to the rise in the water levels of the Mula Mutha River. Residents of Pune were left astounded when they witnessed the rare sight of the mosquito 'tornado'. The video of the sight was caught on camera and shared on social media, which is now going viral. The footage capturing this unusual occurrence evoked surprise and concern among viewers, with some labelling it as 'dangerous.' 

 Speaking to ANI about the mosquito menace, Nitin, a local from Kharadi, said, "Recently, I have seen a lot of mosquitoes. For three or four days, there has been a tornado of mosquitoes here in Kharadi. There have been a lot of problems and the locals are having difficulties due to this." 

 Abhishek, another local from Kharadi, also spoke on the same and said, "There are a lot of mosquitoes in our area. I just requested that the Pune Corporation resolve it as quickly as possible. It is dangerous for our health." 

 According to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, mosquitoes are considered the world's "deadliest animal," killing hundreds of thousands of people and making millions more sick every year.
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