Diamonds hidden in noodle packets seized in Mumbai
April 23, 2024  11:31
The diamond packets inside the noodle packet
The diamond packets inside the noodle packet
The Customs department has seized diamonds concealed in packets of noodles and gold hidden in the body parts of passengers and baggage, collectively valued at Rs 6.46 crore, at the Mumbai airport, an official said.

 Four passengers were arrested after the seizure of more than 6.815 kg of gold valued at Rs 4.44 crore and diamonds of Rs 2.02 crore over the weekend, the Customs official said in a release issued late Monday night.

 An Indian national travelling from Mumbai to Bangkok was intercepted and found smuggling the diamonds concealed in packets of noodles inside his trolley bag. The passenger was later arrested, the official said.

 A foreign national travelling from Colombo to Mumbai was intercepted and found carrying gold bars and a cut piece, with a net weight of 321 grams, concealed inside her undergarments, he said. 

 Besides, 10 Indian nationals - two each travelling from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and one each from Bahrain, Doha, Riyadh, Muscat, Bangkok and Singapore - were also intercepted and found carrying 6.199 kg gold, valued at Rs 4.04 crore, "concealed in the rectum, on body and inside the baggage," the release said without providing further details. Three of them were subsequently arrested, it said. PTI
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