BJP won't open account in Kerala: Sachin Pilot
April 23, 2024  11:38
Congress leader Sachin Pilot slammed BJP stating that the party won't be able to win a single seat in Kerala or any southern state and expressed strong confidence in the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the INDIA bloc predicting a clean sweep for the coalition in the state. 

 "I think the response is fantastic. People have decided to vote for the UDF. In Kerala, all people across community religion and across caste have decided to fully support the INDIA alliance and UDF will get 20 0ut 0f 20 seats here. BJP will not be able to open their account in kerala or in any other southern states," Pilot told ANI. 

 Kerala sees a straight face-off between the Congress and the Left in most of the 20 seats with the BJP hoping to dent the tradition by putting up a good show. 

 Earlier, Sachin Pilot held a roadshow in the Palakkad district of Kerala on Monday. 

 Sachin Pilot criticized the BJP's governance over the past decade, pointing out the party's failure to deliver on key promises. 

 "Ten years of BJP rule we have seen this country, none of the promises are being fulfilled, farmers, middle classes, young people and women all feel cheated. The promises of doubling the farmers' income, and giving 2 crore jobs every year have not been fulfilled," Pilot said.

 He also highlighted the BJP's tendency to focus on divisive issues, accusing the party of distracting from more pressing concerns. 

 "They (BJP) are talking about 2047, Hindu-Muslim, Masjid-Mandir. People want development, people want peace and harmony, and the gap between the rich and poor to go away. For us inflation and price rise issues are important. Our focus is on real issues, people's issues. The BJP is trying to divert the issues to emotional matters. The people are very smart," Pilot said. 

 Pilot's remarks came after Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress's manifesto talks about taking "the gold of mothers and sisters" and distributing that wealth.

 "Their Mangalsutra, the question is not of the cost of gold in it, it is linked to her dreams of her life. You are talking of snatching it in your manifesto...will distribute gold and redistribute. When it was their government, they had said that Muslims have the first right over the country's wealth. Who will you distribute after collecting the wealth, distribute it to those who have more children, and distribute it to infiltrators. Will the money of your hard labour be given to infiltrators, is this acceptable to you? Congress manifesto is saying that they will calculate the gold of mothers, sisters and then redistribute the wealth to those whom the Manmohan Singh government had said that the first right to resources is of Muslims. Brothers, sisters, this thinking of urban Naxals, my mothers, sisters, they will not allow even your Mangalsutra to remain in your possession, they will go to this extent," PM Modi had said at a rally on April 21. -- ANI
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