Will Congress field Robert Vadra from Amethi?
April 04, 2024  20:35
Robert Vadra/File image
Robert Vadra/File image
Indicating his keenness to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Amethi, Robert Vadra, businessman and husband of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has said that the people of Amethi expect him to represent their constituency if he thinks of becoming a member of Parliament. 

In an interview with ANI, Vadra also targeted Union Minister Smriti Irani, who represents Amethi, saying that people feel they made a mistake by electing her. 

Smriti Irani defeated Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls from Amethi, a Nehru-Gandhi family stronghold, in one of the biggest upsets of the polls. 

Almost pitching his candidature from Amethi, Robert Vadra, who has indicated his electoral ambitions earlier too, said the Gandhi family has worked hard in Amethi and surrounding areas. 

"They want a member of the Gandhi family returns, they will ensure the person's victory with a huge margin, they also expect that if I take my first step in politics, and think of becoming an MP, then I should represent Amethi," he said. 

However, Vadra also said he wants that party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi should become MP first and he can follow her. 

"I want Priyanka (Gandhi) to become an MP first and then I feel I can also come...I interact with people and there are MPs from different parties. They (MPs) ask me to come along with their party and ask me the reasons for the delay. They also assure me of their support...so different parties across the country are asking me to come along...I have friendships with a lot of people above the party lines," he said. -- ANI
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