What we did in last 10 years is just a trailer: PM
April 04, 2024  14:57
Hailing the governance of the BJP-led NDA at the Centre over the last 10 years under his leadership, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said all that happened over the decade gone by was just a 'trailer' as a lot more would follow if he is elected for a third, straight term in office.

Addressing a campaign rally in Jamui on Thursday, PM Modi said, "Echoes in favour of the BJP and the NDA are not only renting the air across Bihar but also sounding in the far corners of the country. What happened in the last 10 years is just a trailer, as there's plenty more still to be done. We all have to come together to take the country forward."

Ripping into the Opposition bloc--INDIA, he said back in the day when the partners in the 'Ghamandia' alliance were in power at the Centre, "the trains that plied on our tracks were rickety at best. Now, the people of Bihar are travelling in the Vande Bharat".

"Those who gobbled up land in the name of giving jobs to the poor in the Railways can never do any good for the people of Bihar," PM Modi said, in a scathing takedown of the Opposition bloc.

He said India was considered 'weak' in the eyes of the world during the Opposition rule at the Centre but now, the country is a global leader.

"Congress and RJD tarnished the country's image before the world during their rule. The BJP and NDA are working towards one goal, which is to build a 'Viksit Bharat' (a developed India) and a prosperous Bihar. You all are, perhaps, aware of what the world used to think of us in the previous years. During the rule of Congress, India was considered a weak and poor country. Today, we are showing the way to the world...the whole world is watching us. How did our global profile and prestige rise by leaps and bounds? Today, we are the fifth-largest global economy," he said.

"On one side is the NDA government, which talks about setting up new industries. On the other, there are these people whose only claim to fame is the kidnapping industry. On one side is the NDA government, which talks about solar power and LED lights. On the other are these arrogant leaders in the Opposition coalition, who want to take Bihar back to the age of the lantern," Prime Minister Modi added.
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