Rahul Gandhi declares assets worth Rs 20 crore
April 04, 2024  15:50
The affidavit filed by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as part of his nomination papers for the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat showed that he has assets of over Rs 20 crore.

Gandhi filed the papers before the returning office on Wednesday. He has declared movable assets to the tune of Rs 9,24,59,264 and showed the purchasing price of his self-acquired immovable assets as being worth Rs 7,93,03,977 in the affidavit.

The affidavit also showed that the current market value of the self-acquired immovable assets as Rs 9,04,89,000 and the value of the inherited assets as Rs 2,10,13,598. Gandhi has claimed that he has a liability of Rs 49,79,184. In the affidavit, Gandhi has declared that he has Rs 55,000 as cash in hand. In the last election, he had declared total assets worth Rs 15,88,77,083 whereas in 2014, it was Rs 9.4 crore. -- PTI
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