How Kejriwal keeps calm in Tihar: Yoga for 3 hours!
April 04, 2024  11:20
Arvind Kejriwal doing yoga at an institute in Bengaluru in 2015
Arvind Kejriwal doing yoga at an institute in Bengaluru in 2015
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who was sent to Tihar Jail after a court remanded him in judicial custody in the excise policy case, is spending most of his time meditating, reading books and doing yoga in his cell, sources said on Thursday. 

Kejriwal, the first sitting chief minister to be lodged at Asia's largest jail, is placed in a 14x8 feet room located in general ward number 3 of jail number 2 of Tihar. According to jail sources, for the most part of the day, Kejriwal reads books and does yoga and meditation twice every day. 

 "He does yoga and meditates for about for about one-and-a-half hours each every morning and evening," an official source said. 

 Among the books provided to him are the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, and How Prime Ministers Decide'. 

 "He is often seen reading these books and writing something while sitting on the chair in his cell," the source said. 

 A jail official said Kejriwal can also read the books available in the library for the inmates. But as of now, he hasn't asked for any other books, he said. While the chief minister has been provided a TV with 20 channels in his cell, the sources said, he is not very fond of watching it. 

 A table and a chair along with an electric kettle have been provided to him as directed by the court, the sources said. He has also been given a broom, a bucket and a piece of cloth -- provided to all inmates as per the jail manual -- for cleaning his cell, they said.

 The Tihar officials can keep a watch on him 24 hours with two CCTV cameras installed in the cell. A small space outside his cell, which is called a lobby, is where he can stretch and walk, officials said. Due to security reasons, Kejriwal is not allowed to meet other inmates. 

A quick reaction team comprising Central Reserve Police Force and Tamil Nadu Special Police personnel is deployed round the clock outside his ward.

 "Whenever he goes to meet his lawyer, which is daily, he is escorted by the QRT personnel," a source said. Tea and home-cooked food are being provided to him daily, on time, an officer said, adding that "Kejriwal hasn't demanded anything else as of now." PTI
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