Couldn't raise anti-Sanatan slogans: Cong leader
April 04, 2024  10:41
Update: Congress spokesperson Gourav Vallabh resigned from all posts and membership of the party on Thursday, saying that neither can he raise anti-Sanatan slogans nor abuse 'wealth creators' day in and day out. 

 Vallabh shared his resignation letter written to Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on social media platform X. He said he was not feeling comfortable with the directionless way in which the party was moving forward. 

 Vallabh said, "I can neither raise anti-Sanatan slogans nor abuse wealth creators day in and day out. Therefore, I resign from all posts and primary membership of the party." He had not been attending television programs on behalf of the party for several months and had not held any press conference for a long time. 

 In his resignation letter, Vallabh said, "When I joined Congress, I believed that Congress is the oldest party in the country which respects youth and intellectual people and their ideas. But for some time, I felt that the party was not able to adjust with the youth having new ideas." 

 Vallabh claimed the Congress is completely cut off from the ground and is unable to understand the aspirations of a new India, due to which the party is neither coming to power nor is able to play the role of a strong opposition. 

 He also said that he was upset with the stance taken by the party of staying away from the Ram Mandir 'Pran Pratishtha' programme in Ayodhya. PTI
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