Injured hand draped in 'homemade sling', Bachchan resumes meet-and-greet with fans
March 27, 2023  19:43
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Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, currently recovering from an on-set injury, resumed his routine Sunday meet-and-greet with fans who came out in droves to see the veteran actor at his Juhu residence in Mumbai. 

With his right hand supported by a "homemade sling", the 80-year-old star appeared on the gate of 'Jalsa' wearing a white kurta-pyjama with a printed jacket. 

".. they come in droves and wait and watch, elders , children and several others in passing or in station .. so much care and love .. blessed to be in their eyes for more .. "And the work continues .. the Sunday blessings of the well wishers .. my love affection and gratitude .. they still come .. me in homemade sling and the grey.. there is a flood of well wishers here, but space and limits do not allow .. (sic)" Bachchan wrote on his personal blog on Monday morning. 

The screen icon suffered an injury earlier this month on the Hyderabad set of his upcoming film "Project K" while filming an action sequence. 

In a post informing fans, he had said his "rib cartilage popped broke" and there was a "muscle tear to the right rib cage". 

Following a CT scan in Hyderabad, Bachchan was advised to rest at home by the doctors. 

Owing to the injury, the star had also skipped his meet-and-greet with fans, he had said in a post shared on March 5, which was also a Sunday. -- PTI
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