Gandhis think they are above Constitution: BJP
March 27, 2023  10:56
The BJP on Monday accused the Gandhi family of considering itself a "class apart, elite and above the Constitution" as it kept up the counterattack on the Congress amid the opposition party's nationwide protests against Rahul Gandhi's disqualification from Lok Sabha. 

 The ruling party fielded Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat to target the Congress and he insisted that neither the BJP nor the government had anything to do with the Wayanad MP's disqualification following his conviction in a defamation case. 

 The way Congress leaders are making a hue and cry over a judicial and lawful exercise itself shows that they consider the Gandhi family above India's judicial process, Constitution and democratic system, he told a press conference. 

 The MP from Rajasthan said the Surat court presented Gandhi with several opportunities, including a chance to apologise for his remarks on the Modi surname, but he refused, thinking that the judiciary will not "dare" to deliver a verdict against the members of his family. The law has taken its course, and neither the BJP nor the government have anything to do with this, he asserted. 

 The Gandhi family considers itself a "class apart, elite and above Constitution", he alleged. Shekhawat said the Lok Sabha enjoys no discretionary power on the issue of disqualifying an MP in such a matter. People who claimed that democracy is under threat, are insulting the democratic system with their street protests against a judicial verdict and lawful action, he said. 

 Noting that Rahul Gandhi had also ridiculed a journalist at his press conference, the Union minister said, "He leaves no opportunity to insult the country and challenge the different pillars of democracy to show himself above them." "People like him are a threat to democracy as they consider themselves above it," Shekhawat said
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