Those behind Pannun assassination plot...: US
December 08, 2023  09:18
India is a strategic partner for the United States, the White House has said as it urged New Delhi to hold accountable those responsible for the plot to assassinate a separatist Sikh leader, who is an American citizen.

"India is a strategic partner. We're deepening that strategic partnership. They're a member of the Quad in the Pacific. We participate with them on a range of issues and we want to see that continue unabated. That said, at the same time, we certainly recognise the seriousness of these allegations," National Security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at a White House news conference Washington, DC.

Kirby was responding to a question on the impact that the alleged plot would have on the bilateral India-US relationship. "We want it fully investigated and those responsible to be held properly accountable," he said.

"It's under active investigation. We've said that we're glad that our Indian counterparts are taking it seriously and doing that. We want those responsible for these attacks to be held fully accountable, but I won't get ahead of an investigation that isn't complete," Kirby added. -- PTI 
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