Ma Durga is here: Mahua on report tabling today
December 08, 2023  11:51
As the report of the Ethics Committee in the alleged "cash-for-query" case will be tabled in Lok Sabha today, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra said that now the people will see the battle of Mahabharata.

Speaking to the media, Mahua said "Mother Durga has arrived, we will see. These people who have started snatching clothes will now see the battle of Mahabharata.

"She also quoted a quote from famous poet and former Rajya Sabha Member, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar which said "Destruction befalls a person, conscience dies first," (Jab Naash Manuj par chaata hai, pehle vivek mar jaata hai)."

Chairperson Vinod Kumar Sonkar and Aparajita Sarangi to lay on the Table the First Report (Hindi and English versions) of the Committee on Ethics," the agenda released by Lok Sabha read.

The report was mentioned in the agenda of the list of business of Lok Sabha for the opening day of the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament. 

However, it could not be taken up.

The Ethics Committee, which investigated the allegations made by BJP MP Nishikant Dubey, adopted its 500-page report on November 9 recommending Moitra's expulsion from the 17th Lok Sabha. -- PTI
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