Govt moves motion to adopt Ethics report on Mahua
December 08, 2023  14:30
In Parliament: Govt moves motion to adopt Ethics Report on Mahua Moitra. The report recommends Moitra be expelled as a member of Parliament. 

Congress, Trinamool ask for time to study ethics report on Mahua Moitra before discussion in Lok Sabha.

Congress MP Manish Tiwari speaking. He says it's strange that the Ethics Report was tabled at noon MPs get only two hours to read it. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury (Congress MP) said earlier that heavens would not fall if House was given more time to read the report.

"The person on whom the allegations have been made has not even been allowed to speak in the House. It is against the principles of natural justice. 

"He says the ethics committee recommendation that Moitra be expelled is fundamentally flawed because the committee can table the report but cannot direct punishment. 

He says the House is today the judge and the jury. 

The Speaker says that Parliament was not court. 

Adhir Ranjan says at least 4 days should be given to study LS Ethics Committee's 495-page report on Mahua Moitra issue.
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