Modi: Anti-incumbency is irrelevant when...
December 04, 2023  10:40
Winter Session of Parliament Day 1: PM Narendra Modi's speech just before Parliament is set to begin today in the aftermath of the BJP's spectacular wins in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh yesterday. 

"When there is good governance, when there is devotion to public welfare, the word "anti-incumbency" becomes irrelevant. You can call it "pro-incumbency" or "good governance" or "transparency" or "concrete plans for public welfare" -- but this has been the experience. 

"After such an excellent public mandate, we are meeting at this new temple of Parliament.

"...Rajnaitik garmi badi tezi se badh rahi hai. Yesterday, the results of the four-state elections came out. The results are very encouraging - encouraging for those who are committed to the welfare of the common people of the country and to the bright future of the country...

"The country has rejected negativity. Before the commencement of the session, we hold discussions with our colleagues in the Opposition...

"We urge and pray for the cooperation of everyone. This time too, the process has been undertaken... I also urge all our MPs that this temple of democracy is essential for public aspiration and to strengthen the foundation of developed India."
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