Nick Jonas rushed to hospital after sustaining injuries during softball game
June 07, 2022  21:53
American actor and singer Nick Jonas sustained injuries while playing softball on Sunday. 

Now, videos of the Jonas Brother Singer getting into an emergency room has gone viral on social media. 

Page Six shared the video, in which Nick can be seen limping into the hospital along with his older brother Kevin. 

According to the news outlet, Nick was several innings into a softball game when he appeared to be hit in the groin with the ball. 

Resharing the video on Instagram, fans have wished him a speedy recovery. 

A fan wrote, "Ouch... I hope he feel better soon and he can perform this week on Las Vegas". 

Another user wrote, "Hope he feel better soon". 

Nick is often seen playing softball with his friends and family on weekends. 

Wife Priyanka Chopra, who is currently in Paris, has been spotted alongside Nick before his softball games. 

Priyanka attended a Bulgari launch event last night, for which she was also joined by actor Anne Hathaway and singer Lisa. -- ANI
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