Army making efforts to recruit women: Govt to SC
July 20, 2022  00:47
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The Army has been making 'earnest' efforts by expanding its horizon for recruiting female candidates in its various arms/services and is examining further increase in number of women officers based on functional capacities without compromise on operational efficiency, the Centre has told the Supreme Court. 

In an affidavit filed before the top court, the Centre said granting equal opportunity to all eligible candidates, if 50 per cent of the vacancies are kept open for women candidates, up to 90 women can be inducted in these ten arms/services per year. 

"Since regular entry of 20 women cadets per year through National Defence Academy has already been approved, this leaves the balance induction of 70 women officers through the Short Service entry route which is 10 less than the present intake of 80. 

"It is submitted that the Short Service Commission Women Officers are eligible for consideration for permanent commission. With assumed intake of 50 per cent women after applying combat exclusion, up to 90 women can be inducted per year which translates to a representation of (16.33 per cent) per batch and an overall strength of 1,876 Women Officers (276 more than current planning figure of 1,600)," the affidavit stated. 

The Centre also stated that a study has been conducted to holistically examine the implication of opening National Defence Academy to women and to determine a pragmatic women officer cadre size keeping in mind existing ground realities and a gender neutral outlook. -- PTI
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