TMC workers attacked me, says BJP's Dilip Ghosh
September 27, 2021  16:56
BJP national vice president Dilip Ghosh on the clashes in Bhabanipur:

"While I was campaigning in Bhabanipur today, TMC workers hurled abuses at me. I was meeting some people at a vaccination centre when some people suddenly surrounded me and started jostling. One of our workers was badly beaten.

"I was also attacked. My security tried to stop it & they brought out their guns to scare the attackers. Arjun Singh (BJP MP) was also surrounded and he was forced to leave the area amid 'go back' slogans. Local police didn't help.

"The Election Commission is aware of everything. We've complained to them several times in Delhi and Kolkata. Despite this, no security arrangement was made. There is no point to hold polls if we can't reach out to voters. People are living in constant fear."
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