Sri Lankan prison minister resigns after threatening to kill Tamil prisoners
September 15, 2021  16:14
Sri Lanka's Minister of State for Prisons Management Lohan Ratwatte tendered his resignation on Wednesday, days after he allegedly threatened to kill Tamil prisoners during his visit to the Anuradhapura prison in the country's northern central region, a senior official said. 

Ratwatte's resignation came as pressure mounted on him after the Tamil political parties sought his resignation and arrest over the incident. 

The resignation was accepted by the Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Kingsley Ratnayake, the presidential spokesman, said. 

 Ratwatte allegedly went to the Anuradhapura prison on September 12 and forced two prisoners to kneel and threatened to kill them. 

 His act prompted the Tamil parties to condemn his behaviour and call for his resignation.
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