Twin brothers die of COVID-19 within hours of each other
May 18, 2021  17:57
Nearly a month after celebrating their 24th birthday together, twin brothers in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut died due to COVID-19 within hours of each other, leaving the parents struggling to come to terms with their loss.

 According to the family, Joefred Varghese Gregory breathed his last on May 13 and after a few hours, his brother Ralfred George Gregory also succumbed to the infection.

 "We have struggled a lot, they wanted to give us a better life. The two were planning to move from Hyderabad to Korea and then to Germany. I don't know why God gave us this punishment," their father Gregory Raymond Rafael said in a choked voice as tears rolled down from his eyes. 

 The twin brothers had celebrated their 24th birthday together on April 23. "Both of them had stepped into the world simultaneously. Both of them also did computer engineering and got a job in Hyderabad. Didn't know that both of them would be sick together and would leave this world together, Rafael said. Their health started deteriorating on April 24. Initially, the two were treated at home but when the fever did not subside, they were admitted to a hospital on May 1. Rafael said their first test report confirmed coronavirus infection. By the time the second report came, the infection had spread to their lungs. PTI
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