1.8% of India's population infected by Covid-19
May 18, 2021  16:36
GOI health ministry update on Covid-19:

-- 8 States with more than 1 lakh active cases. 10 States with more than 50,000 -1,00,00 active cases and 18 States with less than 50,000 active cases. Maharashtra, UP, Delhi, Bihar, MP and Chhattisgath showing a decline in COVID-19 cases.

-- Case positivity rate at 14.10% in the country today.

-- On May 3, recovery rate was 81.7%, which has increased to 85.6% now. 4,22,436 recoveries were reported in the last 24 hours, the highest-ever for the country. A clear positive trend can be observed in Covid-19 recoveries. 

-- 1.8% of total population of India has been affected by the disease so far. We have been able to contain the spread of the infection to under 2% of the population.  

199 districts in the country showing continued decline in cases and positivity since last 3 weeks:
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