No clarity on Nandigram, Mamata says 'don't worry'
May 02, 2021  18:29
West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee addressing her party workers:

"This is a victory of the people of Bengal.
They spoke about double engine government, we have scored double century. 
Humanity, compassion, has won. 
Khela hoyechhe and we have won. I will distribute 50,000 footballs to the poor. 
Covid is my first priority because it is on the rise. I have to start work immediately on Covid mamnagement. We won't have a big oath taking ceremony. 
I am thankful to the people of Bengal. I am thankful to all the central leaders who came here and campaigned for us. 
We will conquer Covid as well. 
I request the Centre to distribute free vaccines to all the citizens of the country or I will protest it. 
I have received congratulations from all quarters. 
To my TMC party workers, please do not have victory procession. 
Let's stand with the people in the time of this pandemic. 
The BJP has practiced dirty tricks in these elections. But the people have not voted for them.
I am wearing a anklet, my plaster has been removed, I had told the press about this a few days ago. 
Don't worry about Nandigram, I struggled for Nandigram because I fought a movement. It's ok. Let the Nandigram people give whatever verdict they want, I accept that. I don't mind. We won more than 221 seats and BJP has lost the election. Whatever happens for the best. I won't have to travel so far." (Mamata implies that she may have lost from Nandigram, though she hasn't spelt it out in as many words. News agency ANI said she won by 1200 votes.)
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