Apollo Hospitals Jt MD tests +ve for Covid
June 14, 2021  15:57
Dr Sangita Reddy
Dr Sangita Reddy
Vaccines don't prevent coronavirus infections but will help in keeping the symptoms mild, Apollo Hospitals Joint MD Sangita Reddy said on Monday. In a series of tweets, Reddy also said she was going home today after being hospitalised for coronavirus infection. 

 "After 500 days of dodging #COVID19 I tested +VE on June10th My initial reaction was of shock & dismay - Why me? I was careful & #vaccinated. Hospitalized with high fever I took the cocktail #Regeneron therapy within the early window period & it has made a dramatic difference," she said.

 Highlighting the role of vaccines and timely diagnosis and treatment, she said, "The imp point 2 remember- vaccine dont prevent #COVID BUT help keep symptoms Mild.Timely diagnosis & treatment r key 2 quick recovery". "As I go home 2day & continue #self isolation under Med sup via #telemedicine My heartfelt gratitude 2 R #Nursing, Doc & #scientific com," she noted. 

 Reddy has been emphasising that the government should move quickly to ramp up the availability of the COVID vaccine in the country by enhancing domestic production as well as increasing procurement from abroad.

 In a tweet on May 17, Reddy said, "The challenge of India#vaccinationstrategy is not admin as much as supply. I urge R #govt to move quickly on ramping up domestic prod, enhance intl procure, seek Intl aid in the form of vaccine & establish a dist network of all Pub & Pvt hospitals 2 accelerate the pace of inoculation." PTI
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