Maha says no relaxation of curbs anywhere yet
June 03, 2021  19:52
The Maharashtra government on Thursday evening clarified that the existing restrictions on account of COVID-19 have not been lifted anywhere, contrary to the announcement made by minister Vijay Wadettiwar.

Relaxation of restrictions as per the situation in different areas is only under consideration and no decision has been taken, a statement from the Chief Minister's Office said.

Wadettiwar, minister for Disaster Management, later said only "in principle" approval to phasing out of restrictions was given, but no decision has been taken.

He had told reporters in the afternoon that restrictions would be lifted in 18 out of 36 districts in the state where the positivity rate is five per cent or less and the occupancy of oxygen beds in hospitals is less than 25 percent from Friday.

He had held a press conference after a meeting of the State Disaster Management Authority.

The CMO statement that followed said the government has not lifted lockdown-like curbs as COVID-19 has not been controlled completely yet.

-- PTI
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