2 more lakes supplying water to Mumbai overflow
July 22, 2021  19:51
Two key sources of potable water for Mumbai -- Tansa and Modak Sagar lakes -- started overflowing on early Thursday due to heavy rains in their catchment areas since last week, the city civic body said.
With this, four lakes that provide drinking water to the metropolis  are now filled to their capacity.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said the Modak Sagar lake started overflowing at 3.24 am and Tansa at 5.48 am.
Thereafter, two gates of the Modak Sagar dam one of Tansa were opened, it said.

Last year, Modak Sagar had started overflowing on August 18 and Tansa on August 20, the BMC informed.

The BMC said the seven reservoirs supplying water to the metropolis have a total water storage capacity of 144736.3 million liters and all of them combined were holding 77956.8 million litres, which means 53.86 per cent of their capacity, as on Thursday morning.

Earlier, two of the seven reservoirs, namely Tulsi and Vihar, started overflowing on July 16 and July 18, respectively.

The civic body was considering to impose a water cut in the city as the  stock in these seven reservoirs had gone down below 20 per cent level earlier this month.

However,  citizens have got a big relief as four of the seven lakes have started overflowing due to heavy downpour over the last two weeks, while water level is rising in the remaining three reservoirs. -- PTI 
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