Such a huge vaccine drive first in history: Modi
January 16, 2021  10:51
PM Modi says, "Such a big vaccination drive hasnt been conducted in history. Look at the figures in the first phase. 3 crore. We have to take it to 30 crore in the second phase. America, China and India are the only 3 countries in the world with a population of over 30cr. Hence the vaccination drive in India is so huge. This shows our strength and capability."

The PM added, "When our scientists and experts were satisfied with the safety of Made in India vaccines, they gave their approval. Citizens should stay away from propaganda, misinformation and rumours," PM Modi said.

The world's biggest inoculation programme against the novel coronavirus infection begins on Saturday as India starts vaccinating its high-risk healthcare workers. The vaccination drive has been planned in a phased manner, identifying priority groups.
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